Below are the links to the 2017 reports from Surf life Saving, Royal life saving and Australian water safety council.
Surfing NSW along with Surf Life Saving NSW work closely together to roll out the Surfers Rescue 24/7 program which aims to reduce the numbers and statistics shown in these reports. In Surf Life Saving Australia’s report they stated that this season, 74% of incidents happened outside of a patrolled area or patrolled hours. This is where surfers play a vital role in saving lives and preventing drowning. The aim of all 3 is to have 50% reduction in drowning throughout Australia by 2020. By increasing beach goers skills and knowledge of water safety we can all contribute to this goal. If you would like to participant in Surfers Rescue 24/7 please contact Ben at

Surf Life Saving Australia

Royal Life Saving

Australian Water Safety Council